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At The Maths Hive, we are dedicated to inspiring and nurturing a love of Maths in children aged between 9 and 18 years of age. We believe enjoyment of Maths comes from a suitable level of challenge and confidence from mastering techniques. All of the teaching methods employed at The Maths Hive are based on evidence and research of the most effective ways to learn Mathematics. Our aim is to help your child maximise their learning and reach their full potential in Maths.


Our teachers are all fully qualified and currently teach as Maths specialists at top private secondary schools in London.

Currently we are offering online courses in order to help students with key areas during these trying times.


These courses are for 11+ Maths, GCSE/IGCSE Maths and pre-A-level.

In normal times, we run weekly challenging and enriching courses for various ages as well as 11 + Maths intensive courses, GCSE Maths revision courses and A-level Maths revision courses.


Ultimately we would love to cater for all children and all abilities so if there is something you’re looking in particular, please let us know and we can see if we can put a class together that suits. Maths tutoring also available on request.



Why choose The Maths Hive?

Here at The Maths Hive we have an infectious love of Maths and learning. Our courses are tailored to suit the individuals in each class and there is a variety of topics and challenges covered to keep things interesting. We put a strong emphasis on problem solving We only employ evidence based teaching methods that are proven to get the best results from students learning Mathematics.


Our weekly classes (which are not currently running) include:

  • Setting and marking of a pre-assessment quiz to check current ability and ensure a suitable scheme of work moving forward.

  • Lessons taught in a welcoming, light filled, airy room. 

  • All resources.

  • A drink and snack.

  • A weekly quiz e-mailed out (to do at home) with video solutions to consolidate techniques learned in class.

  • Access to The Maths Hive forum where students can discuss problems and and all things Maths.

  • Access to termly competitions.

For 11+GCSE and A-Level Revision courses click here

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Online 11+ Maths course

Online GCSE/IGCSE course

Online pre A-level Maths Course


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